Daisies have gone to the next fabulous level with the ‘Grandessa®’ range from Oasis Horticulture. Grandessa are hybrid argyranthemums that are smothered with brightly coloured flowers during spring and summer, that can reach an impressive 8 - 10 cm across.

New in the Grandessa range is ‘Pink Grandessa’. Bred in Australia for Australian conditions, it has an abundance of gorgeous bold pink flowers with pastel petals and an eye-catching hot pink halo.

Grandessa daisies are also available in a beautiful range of other colours including dusky pink ‘Sunset’, vibrant ‘Red, buttery ‘Yellow’ and dark centred ‘White’.


They are vigorous plants that grow to around 45 – 60 cm tall and prefer a full sun position but will tolerate semi shade as well as dry conditions and frost. They also make a magnificent potted plant and create stunning pops of long-lasting colour around a patio, deck or courtyard.

To help keep Grandessa daisies looking great and promote lots of gorgeous flowers, feed each week with Yates® Thrive® Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food. Regularly cut off spent flowers and after the main flowering flush has finished, trim the plant back to promote fresh new growth.

Grandessa images and information courtesy of Oasis Horticulture.


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