Gifts for gardeners

Gifts for gardeners

Choosing Christmas presents can be really challenging, but not if you’re buying for a current or budding green thumb! 

Here are our top gift ideas for the gardener in your life.


Yates® Garden Guide - With over 7 million copies sold, the Yates Garden Guide is Australia’s best-selling and most trusted gardening book. The 44th edition is packed full of helpful information, from growing your own fresh fruit and vegies, to filling your garden with fabulous flowers and creating a beautiful lush green lawn. RRP $39.99


Seed starter kit – put together a practical gift of a collection of Yates flower or vegie and herb seeds, a bag of Yates Seed Raising Mix and some gardening gloves and plant markers. Everything a keen gardener needs to start sowing and growing!


Potted roses – a sweetly fragrant potted rose is a gift that will delight the recipient for years to come. You could even choose a rose with a meaningful name for that someone special, such as ‘Adorable’, ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘Mother’s Love’, ‘Bellisimo Mum’, ‘Dear Father’, ‘First Crush’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Grandma’s Rose’ or what about a cheeky ‘Kiss Me Kate’. Don’t forget a bottle of Yates Thrive Rose & Flower Liquid Plant Food to complete the gift!


Indoor plants - indoor plants are on trend and make a perfect present for someone special. To create a complete indoor plant themed gift, combine a lush and leafy plant with a decorative pot, some Yates Speciality Potting Mix Plants & Ferns and easy to use Yates Thrive® Plant Food Spikes Plants & Ferns.


Home grown cocktails – for the margarita lover, a young Tahitian lime tree, a bag of Yates Premium Potting Mix and a stylish Yates Tuscan Pot to grow the lime tree in. And perhaps a cocktail shaker…


Potted edible inspiration – hot off the press, the new book ‘Yates Top 50 Edible Plants for Pots and How NOT to Kill Them’, which is a comprehensive guide to growing 50 different delicious fruits, vegies and herbs in pots. Perfect for balcony, patio and small space gardeners, it’s filled with beautiful photos and detailed information about how to grow a fantastic range of edible plants. Available in department and book stores and through on-line book sellers. RRP $35    

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