As winter approaches and we start thinking about Sunday roasts, warming soups and hearty pasta dishes, it’s time to grow some curled parsley to use in your culinary creations, which is a flavoursome parsley with great frilly texture.


Parsley adds rich dark green colour to the garden and can be picked continuously for around 2 years.

Curled parsley can be grown in either full sun or part shade and makes a great potted herb too, so balcony and courtyard gardeners can also grow this versatile and tasty parsley.

You can sow Yates Curled Parsley seed straight into a pot or garden bed during April, cover only very lightly with potting mix or soil and keep moist while the seedlings establish. You can start harvesting the leaves after around 10 weeks.

To promote lots of fragrant and tasty parsley leaves, feed regularly with Yates Thrive Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food, which is rich in nitrogen to promote leafy green growth. 

Design tip: parsley’s rich green foliage makes it an ideal plant to include in flower garden designs, providing lovely colour and texture contrast between flowering plants.

What else can you plant in April, you ask?

There are lots of other tasty and fragrant herbs you can plant in April, check out our seed finder for a list of what to plant now in your area.

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