Plastic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes are a favourite toy and can help create a fantastic opportunity for kids garden adventure play by making a prehistoric themed garden.

  • In a sheltered part of the garden, use pebbles to create a small riverbed. You can even paint some pebbles blue or use blue coloured gravel.
  • Surround the riverbed with Jurassic looking plants like mosses, ferns, small palms and grassy plants such as mondo grass or liriope.
  • To get the kids involved and engaged, take them along to the garden centre and they can choose a few of their favourite dinosaur garden plants.
  • Add a few larger rocks and some small logs and then place the dinosaurs in amongst the plants and on the rocks.
  • Hang some flying pterodactyls from larger plants or stakes for an extra prehistoric touch.
  • Kids will love playing with their dinosaurs in this magical outdoor space.

You can also create a smaller dinosaur garden in a terrarium, with compact plants, small rocks and pint sized dinosaurs, which is ideal for a child’s bedroom.

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