Creating fabulous floral colour in autumn starts with sowing seed in summer. Growing flowers from seed is an economical way to grow lots of plants and fill your garden with blooms.

Yates Sunflower ‘Bronze Shades’ is an easy to grow sunflower with a striking range of interesting terracotta and bronze coloured flowers. The plants reach 1 – 1.5 m tall and make an impressive garden backdrop.

Sunflowers are adored by bees and flowers can also be cut for a vase. Bronze Shades can be sown throughout Australia in December. Sow seed direct where the plants are to grow and keep the soil moist. Flowers will appear from around 12 weeks after sowing.

Yates Ageratum ‘Blue Mink’ is a delightful dwarf plant with soft fluffy blue flowers. It creates a beautiful blue display in both garden beds and pots or window boxes in either full sun or part shade. Sow seed during December and January for gorgeous flowers in around 12 weeks.

Seed can be sown direct where the plants are to grow or into trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix and the seedlings transplanted when they’re large enough to handle. Press seed lightly into the surface, so the seed are around 1mm deep and keep moist. Seedlings will emerge in 10-14 days.

Before sowing flower seed, mix some Yates Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the soil. This will promote improved soil health and provide the new flower seedlings with gentle slow release organic nutrients as they establish.

Once the sunflowers and ageratum are established, feed every 1 – 2 weeks with Yates Thrive® Flower & Fruit Soluble Fertiliser, which is a complete plant food that’s boosted with additional flower- promoting potassium.

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