All around Australia, there are lots of things to keep you wonderfully busy out in the garden during autumn.


In cool climates

  • Help protect vulnerable plants from early frosts by moving potted plants to a protected spot, draping frost cloth over sensitive plants and spraying foliage with Yates DroughtShield before frosts are predicted. It forms a protective flexible film over the leaves which helps reduce frost damage.
  • Harvest pumpkins once the vines have browned off. Cut pumpkins from the stem, leaving a few centimetres of stalk, leave in a spot in the sun for a week to encourage the skin to harden and then store in a cool, dry dark place for future delicious use.
  • Grow your own sweet and fragrant alpine strawberries. Sow Yates Alpine Strawberry seeds into trays or punnets of Yates Seed Raising Mix and transplant the young seedlings into a garden bed or pot when they’re large enough to handle.
  • Start making your own compost using fallen autumn leaves. Mix bucketfuls of leaves, plus kitchen scraps and handfuls of Yates Dynamic Lifter together in a compost bin, pile or tumbler, keep moist and let the beneficial composting microorganisms get to work.


In temperate climates

  • During early to mid-autumn, while the weather is still warm, feed potted cacti & succulents with Yates Thrive Plant Food Spikes Cacti & Succulents. The spikes contain concentrated plant nutrients that will feed the plants for up to 2 months. Just push a spike into the potting mix midway between the plant stem and pot edge.
  • Keep watch for small bindii & clover seedlings emerging in the lawn, which will grow rapidly in autumn’s mild weather. For large lawn areas, hose-on applicators make treating weeds quick and easy. For kikuyu and couch lawns apply Yates Weed’n’Feed and for buffalo lawns, use buffalo-safe Yates BuffaloPro Weed’n’Feed.
  • Prolonged wet weather can lead to root and collar rot diseases developing in susceptible plants like avocados, citrus and many Australian native plants, particularly in areas with poorly drained soil. Yates Anti Rot is a systemic fungicide that is applied over the foliage to prevent and control root and collar rot diseases.
  • Repot overcrowded indoor plants into a slightly bigger pot with fresh potting mix. Yates Specialty Potting Mix Plants & Ferns is ideal and provides the perfect foundation for new root growth as well as feeding the plants for up to 6 months with controlled release fertiliser.


In sub-tropical & tropical climates

  • Keep sowing tomato seed to provide an ongoing supply of fresh seedlings and dust existing tomato plants with Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust to control the most common insect pests and diseases, such as aphids, caterpillars and blights.
  • In late autumn, start harvesting spring planted sweet potatoes. Gently dig around in the soil to reveal the tubers.
  • Control grass and broadleaf weeds before they set seed (and create future generations) by spot spraying with Yates Nature’s Way Organic Weed Killer. It’s based on clove oil to give fast burn-down of weeds, with visible symptoms appearing on some weeds after just 1 hour. It’s also approved for use in organic gardening and is glyphosate free, so is ideal for people wanting to use organic methods of weed control in their gardens.

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