Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening Tips

Learn how to grow the juiciest mandarins, tips for winter rose planting and pruning and grow heavenly hellebores at your place during July.

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Mandarins are rich in vitamin C & contain vitamin A. They are a handy & delicious fruit enjoyed fresh or cooked in sweet or savoury dishes.

Growing New Plants From Hardwood Cuttings

Do you have a favourite deciduous shrub or vine growing in your garden that you would like to clone? Well, this winter, try your hand at taking some hardwood cuttings. It’s easier than you think!

Winter is Rose Planting Season

Winter is bare rooted rose planting season, the perfect time to add a stunning new variety to your current collection or start your brand new rose growing journey.

Winter Citrus Care

There are some pests and diseases which attack citrus trees that can be treated during winter. Learn some winter citrus care tips here.