Warm climate tomato care

Tropical and sub-tropical gardeners who are enjoying growing tasty tomatoes during winter can help maximise their harvest with the following tomato tips:

  • Support tall growers - tall growing tomatoes such as Yates® Grosse Lisse and Yates Tommy Toe will need a support to grow on. You can use tall tomato stakes with soft twine or pantyhose or tomato cages.
  • To ‘pinch’ or not - extra side shoots, (called laterals) begin to form in the leaf bases on tomato plants. They can be pinched out to allow in plenty of sunshine, abundant flowering and larger individual trusses of fruit.  Alternately, on smaller growing and bite size tomatoes leave the laterals to increase the amount of flowering trusses for a bountiful harvest.
  • Consistent water and food - water regularly and deeply at the base of the plant. Avoid splashing water over the foliage to help reduce the chances of fungal problems like blight and mildew.  Watering potted tomatoes is particularly important, as they will dry out faster than in-ground tomatoes. Mulch plants with Lucerne, pea or sugar cane straw to help retain soil moisture. 
  • Feeding - each week feed tomato plants with Yates Thrive® Tomato Liquid Plant Food which is a complete tomato food that’s boosted with extra potassium to promote healthy plants and lots of tomato fruit.
  • Control common insect pests and diseases - caterpillars, aphids, blight and mildews can be controlled with weekly light dustings of Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust.
  • In the tropics and subtropics, keep sowing tomato seed to ensure you have an ongoing supply for salads, pasta, sandwiches and tarts. Try Yates Sweet Bite for mouthwatering bite sized cherry tomatoes or large and juicy Yates Big Beef. 

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