Fiddle leaf figs

Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is your go-to plant when you want a bold leafy statement indoors. They are one of the trendiest plants around, with impressively large glossy leaves. They can grow into quite tall plants and are ideal for filling a bare corner in a room with lush greenery and also make the perfect backdrop for smaller plants.

Fiddle leaf figs prefer a brightly lit spot indoors, out of direct sunlight and away from cold draughts. You can also grow a fiddle leaf fig in a protected spot on a deck or patio.

Choose a pot that’s at least 40 cm wide, with good drainage holes, and fill with a good quality potting mix like Yates® Premium Potting Mix.

Keep the potting mix only slightly moist. Fiddle leaf figs do not like to be overwatered or sit in a saucer full of water, as their roots can start to rot. Check moisture levels in the potting mix by inserting your finger into the top few cm of mix. If it feels dry or dusty, it’s time to re-water. If the mix still feels quite moist, leave watering for another few days.

Fiddle leaf figs are native to tropical rainforests in Africa, so they like humidity and will enjoy having their leaves misted with water when it’s hot and dry.

Feed fiddle leaf figs plants every two weeks from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive® Houseplant Liquid Plant Food. It’s a complete fertiliser that provides nitrogen for leaf development, phosphorus for a strong root system and potassium for healthy growth. Their large leaves can attract dust, so regularly gently wipe the leaves to keep them clean.

They can be left in the same pot for several years, but when you see roots starting to grow out of the base it’s time for a slightly larger pot.

Green thumb tips: encourage straight, upright growth by turning the pot by 90-180 degrees every few weeks, so all sides of the plant are exposed to the maximum amount of light. And if your fiddle leaf fig does start to grow too tall, you can pinch out the top of the stem.

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