Grasshopper control

Grasshoppers are a common problem for gardeners during the warmer months. There are different forms of grasshoppers, the most common being brown, around 1.5 cm long and having no or insignificant wings. You may be familiar with the snapping and buzzing sound that grasshoppers produce as they jump.

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Grasshoppers are chewing insects that can damage a wide range of garden plants, including fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental trees and shrubs. They can devour leaves, stems, fruit and flowers and can be particularly troublesome during periods of drought, as home gardens unwittingly provide them with both habitat and food.

When there are lots of grasshoppers, their behaviour can change and form a swarm and large numbers of grasshoppers can cause rapid defoliation.

Baythroid® Advanced Insect Killer for Gardens contains a concentrated synthetic pyrethroid that is effective against grasshoppers on ornamental plants. Spray plants directly when pests are seen. Adequate coverage of plants is essential for effective protection.

Baythroid® Advanced Insect Killer for Gardens will also control many other common garden insect pests on ornamental plants, including aphids, mealybug, lacebug, caterpillars, garden weevils, thrips and whitefly (pictured below). Spray foliage thoroughly when insect pests are seen, including underneath the leaves where insects often hide.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which insect pest is causing the damage, so it’s handy to have a spray like Baythroid® Advanced Insect Killer for Gardens which will control a range of both chewing and sucking insect pests.

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