Coriander is a polarising herb. You either love it or hate it!

For coriander lovers, Yates® Coriander seed can be sown during March, direct where the plants are to grow.

It makes an ideal container plant, here are some tips on how to grow in a pot.

Coriander Growing Guide:
Step 1: Choose a pot that’s at least 200mm wide and deep and position a sunny or partly shaded spot.
Step 2: Fill pot with quality potting mix, and mix in some Yates® Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. Sow seeds 6mm deep. Water in well
Step 3: Once seedlings emerge, feed them weekly with Yates Thrive Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food and mulch with an organic mulch, such as sugar cane or pea straw.
Step 4: Water regularly. Don’t let the plants dry out as the stress may cause them to bolt (set seed), which will make the leaves tough and almost tasteless.
Step 5: Snip leaves off as you please and this will encourage more to grow back.

Coriander recipe inspiration:

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