Great Gardening Projects with the kids over winter

Kids Gardening

Hands up if you find it difficult to keep the kids (and yourself) interested in gardening during the winter months?
Don’t worry, you are certainly not alone, generally people consider winter to be a dormant time in the garden, but in fact there are lots of indoor activities that you can do to keep everyone entertained.

We have five fun indoor gardening ideas to help beat boredom and keep your children interested in gardening this winter.

1. Plant an indoor herb garden. Herb gardens are fantastic for kids. They are easy and quick to grow, are hardy and their multi-sensory nature make them very appealing to children. Many herbs grow well indoors on a warm window sill. We recommend purchasing some cute pots for your window sill and trying out these favourites basil, chives and parsley.

2. Make pet rocks. When the weather is cold and gloomy pet rocks can add some colour and character to your garden. Making pet rocks is such a fun craft activity that can keep kids indoor and entertained for hours.

3. Start planning for spring. Now is a good time to sit down with the kids and work out what they would like to plant this coming spring. Together you can draw on some butchers paper a plan of what you want to plant where in the garden. You can even start germinating seeds indoors, ready to plant in spring.

4. Try building a terrarium. Terrarium’s are all the rage and we’re seeing more and more creative ideas on how to create your own. Take a look at our Pinterest page for some inspiration.

5. Harvest and cook. Whilst planning and preparing for your spring garden is key in winter. There are ways in which to keep the kids engaged now with them picking the last of the vegetables from the garden and then working with you to cook up some delicious treats. Most kids we know love cooking and at this time of year many gardens have vegies such as pumpkin, kale, silverbeet and pak choy ready to harvest. Visit for great recipe ideas.

So there you have it, five fun indoor gardening activities the kids can do to keep them interested in gardening and free of boredom during the winter months.


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