Protect your Garden in a Heatwave

It’s a heatwave! We have some really handy hints to help your garden out during this hot weather.

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Helping plants cope with stress

August can be a stressful month for plants. Here are some tips to help keep your plants healthy during this testing time.

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April’s the month to get plants moving

There are many reasons for moving a plant. The first thing to do is to select the new spot and get it ready by mixing in old organic matter. Carefully dig under the roots, keeping root disturbance at a minimum. Click here for the next steps

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Potting mix

Choosing the right Potting Mix

Container plants are very popular but when it comes to potting mix, confusion reigns.

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May is the month for compost

May is a seasonally appropriate month here in the Southern Hemisphere to begin composting.

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Read more about Nutrient deficiencies in plants

Nutrient deficiencies in plants

Tips on how to identify and treat plants with nutrient deficiency

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Small Trees

Small trees for the garden

Trees are important features in any landscape but many modern gardens don’t have the space for a large tree

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Read more about Memories of Yates Garden Guide

Memories of Yates Garden Guide

Gardeners from around Australia were invited to write anecdotes about their memories of Yates Garden Guide

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Grey Matter

Grey matter in the garden

Grey-leafed plants add light touches to the garden and provide welcome relief from the usual abundance of green.

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Small Garden

Ideas for the small garden

Some useful tips for making the most of a small garden

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Read more about Improve your Plant/Life Balance

Improve your Plant/Life Balance

The Nursery & Garden Industry Association of Australia held its first, highly successful ‘Improve Your Plant Life Balance’ day

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Read more about Mop tops make garden statements

Mop tops make garden statements

If you’re after a dramatic feature for your garden, a mop top plant will create an instant exclamation point in the landscape

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Read more about Statement  plants

Statement plants

Structural plants are used to make statements in the garden

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Perennials are long-lasting plants

‘Perennial’ is the term for a soft-leafed flowering plant that lasts more than one year. Daisies, lavender and salvias are typical examples

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Read more about When to prune your plants

When to prune your plants

July is the month when many of the winter-dormant plants (e.g. roses) are pruned. Here are some tips.

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Gardening on a Patio/Deck

Increasingly the timber deck’s become the focus of summer entertaining, but it’s all too easy to forget about keeping your deck in good condition.

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Choosing plants for tricky spots

Advice on growing plants for difficult situations, such as heavy or boggy soil, salt spray and wind, or heavy shade.

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Attracting Bees to the Garden

Bees play an essential role as pollinators in the garden.

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Weed Control in Garden Beds/Pathways

Weeds are plants that are growing where they’re not wanted. Weeds can take any form and can vary depending on where they grow.

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Tips on pruning.

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Tips For Using Tools

How to keep garden tools in top condition

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Tropical Gardens

Tropical plants are renowned for their large leaves and showy, brightly coloured flowers.

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Tips on Fertilising

Handy hints for fertilising your garden.

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What is Soil?

The qualities of soil have a major effect on the growth of plants.

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Why Fertilise?

Why is it so important to fertilise your plants.

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Pot Planting

What’s wrong with my pot plant?

No modern garden is considered complete without a few potted plants decorating outdoor courtyards and patios.

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Read more about More trees, please

More trees, please

Tree are important as they provide us with better air quality and improved shade and weather protection

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Great Gardening Projects with the kids over winter

Hands up if you find it difficult to keep the kids (and yourself) interested in gardening during the winter months?
Don’t worry, you are certainly not alone, generally people consider winter to be a dormant time in the garden, but in fact there are lots of indoor activities that you can do to keep everyone entertained.

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