How to

Create a Waterwise Garden

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Help your garden survive through tough, dry times:

  1. Mix Yates Waterwise water storage crystals into the soil before any new planting. For existing plants, spoon Yates Waterwise Crystals into vertical holes poked down into the root area.
  2. Choose plants that have good drought tolerance. Look for plants with small, hard or hairy leaves that have evolved in dry climates.
  3. *Water or spread Yates Waterwise Soil Wetter around the base of the plant. These will help get maximum water into the roots. Mixing compost into the soil will also improve water retention.
  4. Mulch around the base of the plant to keep moisture in the soil.
  5. *Spray vulnerable plants with Yates Waterwise DroughtShield. This reduces evaporation from the leaves and acts as a sunscreen, protecting tender leaves from sunburn.
  6. Feed plants with gentle, organic Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser during dry periods. These don’t need to be watered in straight away but they’ll be there to take advantage of any moisture that becomes available.
  7. Water into the root area so maximum moisture gets in where plants can use it.

Water is a precious resource – one that should be used wisely in the garden and never taken for granted.

Tips for effective watering

Tips to help water go further

Waterwise calendar

Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Use autumn leaves to make mulch and soil-improving compost. Install new irrigation systems. Add water storage crystals to the soil where new roses are to be planted. Apply soil wetters to lawns and garden beds. Renew mulch layers on garden beds.

Some popular plant choices for the waterwise garden

Grevilleas, bottlebrush, lavender, gazanias, strelitzia, nandina, bromeliads, agaves, echiums, kangaroo paws, rosemary, lomandra.


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