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can I treat roots of couch, and other fleshy roots of weeds by cutting the end and dipping in Zero

I am treating the leaves of couch, fishtail fern, tradescanthia, and other weeds, but wonder when I remove them, the root sometimes snaps and I wonder if cutting it and applying Zero will that kill off the rest of the root?

Submitted: 01:57PM, 05 Mar 2015
Answer: These can be tricky weeds to get rid of. Zero is a systemic herbicide meaning that it will travel to all parts of the plant so if you are applying it before you remove it and giving it time to translocate to all parts of the plant, treating the roots should not be necessary. Some of the weeds may reshoot from seed in the ground or dormant plant parts and these fresh actively growing parts should be retreated to control the weeds into the future.
Category: Weeds
Answered: 10:11AM, 23 Mar 2015


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