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Answer: to graft these types of fruit trees the best time to do it is when they loose their leaves in winter, you will have more chance of the graft to tak...
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Answered: 08:17AM, 18 Feb 2010
Answer: Hi Liz, The leaves appear to be deficient in nitrogen and may require an application of fertiliser. Check the graft area of the combination tree to...
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Answered: 10:27AM, 02 Nov 2011
Answer: Peach trees are a great addition to a garden. The roots are not generaly invasive. Although any tree will cause problems to pipes if they are plant...
Answered: 03:05PM, 24 Apr 2015
Answer: Hi Teressa, The image you attached isn’t of the tree or the sap. Is it a jelly like sap, amber in colour? If you can give some more detail, t...
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Answered: 01:22PM, 01 Sep 2015
Answer: Hello Helen, I am afraid if it is too late to spray according to label directions then it certainly is too late to spray. Your next opportunity to ...
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Answered: 04:08PM, 22 Sep 2016