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Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Have you checked the pH of the soil recently? If the tree is looking healthy, it shouldn’t be an issue, but alway...
Category: Pests
Tags: lime, fruit, drop, health
Answered: 04:15PM, 05 Dec 2015
Answer: There are a number of reasons why your zucchini flowers might drop off. The most common reason is that they are the male flowers which are falling ...
Category: Diseases
Answered: 11:16AM, 15 Jan 2016
Answer: Hello Wilzen, As with most plants, flowers are often one the first parts of the plant to be aborted due to stress. Transplanting is a very stressfu...
Category: General
Tags: magnolia, buds, drop
Answered: 06:44PM, 02 Jun 2016