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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Steven, Unfortunately we do not have an orga...
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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Medium_p1110985_compressed Black mold / mildew / what-ever on rose stems

Both last year and again this year a coup of rose bushes have very quickly gone from being quite healthy and vigorous to having this black mold/mildew etc. in the stem and the bush / rose not looking so healthy. - see attached photo
Is it part of the same problem under the leaves also?

Any suggestions as to the problem and the remedy would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted: 03:03PM, 28 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Peter,

Your rose is suffering from the fungal disease, rust.

Rose rust first appears as bright orange pustules on the leaf undersides, leaf stalks and branches.

Later, small raised orange spots appear on the undersides of the leaves with small yellow specks on the upper surface. The disease begins on the lower leaves and moves upward.

These spots may go unnoticed until your rose begins to exhibit a generally unhealthy appearance and the loss of lower leaves.

As the leaves die, the spots darken and produce black spores that survive to produce new infections.

Treat rust by pruning and burning infected leaves, petals, and canes as soon as they are detected and spray the remaining bush with Yates Rose Shield.

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Answered: 12:11PM, 12 Feb 2014


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