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11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Carolyn, You will need to use a good quali...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
I have a princesses of wales rose (harkness) and wish to re pot it what potting mix should I use

what is the smallest pot I could use thank you

Submitted: 11:34AM, 09 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Edmund,

You would need to plant your rose in at least a 40cm pot. We wouldn’t suggest any smaller. You will find your rose will perform very well in a 40 – 50cm pot and there will be no need for you to repot in the short term. Select a good quality potting mix that has the ticks of approval and water your plant on a regular basis. Place the pot in a full sun, protected spot and it will thrive. Enjoy this beautiful rose.

Answered: 12:02PM, 22 Jan 2014


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