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Lots of leaves on one rose bush had purple blotches & now dying from the tip back & curling. The rest are fine

I have about 20 standard roses. One one rosebush the leaves developed purple patches on the leaf lamina, and now, quite rapidly, all the leaves are going brown dying from the tip back. The leaf death isnt blotchy, just the whole leaf from the tip back. The roses were pruned at the correct time and are watered regularly. The weather the last two weeks has been quite mild. None of the other rose bushes have developed these symptoms. I also have a seedling grapevine that has developed similar leaf symtpoms (purple blotches on leaf lamina) in the last couple of days. It is watered every day.

Submitted: 09:04AM, 19 Nov 2013
Answer: Hi Sally,
It could be that the rose in question is showing signs of a particular deficiency. To start with, it would be best to do a pH test of the soil in the vicinity of the plant. An ideal pH would about 6. If the pH is below this, you will need to add some garden lime to raise the pH to this point. When the pH is at an acceptable level all the necessary nutrients are available to be taken up by the plant’ roots.

Once you see some improvement in the plant’s new growth, a good quality fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Plant Food can be applied on a regular basis. Monitor the watering of your plants. If you need to water every day, ensure that the drainage is good. It is always a good idea to check the moisture level in the soil first before watering. Keep a mulch on top of the soil to prevent any feeder roots from drying out. I am sure your rose will improve with all the care you are giving it.

Answered: 03:34PM, 29 Nov 2013


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