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03:47PM, 25 Feb 2010
Answer: Its recommended that Derris dust be applied to ...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
03:47PM, 25 Feb 2010
On one of my rose bushes I started to see a white scaly growth on the stems.

I've cut back the stems but it's still coming back. Is there a treatment for it.

Submitted: 01:47PM, 08 Oct 2013
Answer: The white scaly growth on your rose stems sounds like rose scale. This pest is best controlled with Lime Sulphur during winter when the rose is dormant. Now that the bush is covered in foliage there is no product that will curb the scale without harming the leaves and flowers. Removing this scaly growth with a soft toothbrush and some soapy water is the only method we can recommend. It may seem tedious and time consuming but at least it beats doing nothing.
Category: Roses
Answered: 05:18PM, 10 Oct 2013


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