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Yates AgriBoost Organic Based Fertiliser Pellet type

My husband has returned home with a large bag of AgriBoost. We have just pruned old roses and added another ten. Can we use the AgriBoost on the rose garden as they are not listed on the pamphlet. It has a PH of neutral to slightly alkaline.

Submitted: 12:59PM, 17 Aug 2013
Answer: Hi Mary,

You can use the Agri Boost Organic based fertiliser just the same as you would use any other organic fertiliser. It still has all the necessary nutrients your plants will need for good plant growth. To boost potassium levels slightly you might like to give your roses a monthly application of Sulphate of Potash. This will help to ensure that your plants give you maximum flowering throughout the summer months. You can apply the Agri Boost at the rate of 100 grams per sq.m. starting 10 cm from the plant’s trunk. The fertiliser will slowly release over a period of time so reapply the fertiliser every 6-8 weeks to make sure your roses have those essential nutrients they need to grow strongly and produce lots of blooms. The pH will not affect the health or blooms of your roses. It is an excellent product and I am sure your roses are going to thrive.

Answered: 03:52PM, 19 Aug 2013


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