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Lime Sulfur on Rose Leaves and as a Soil Drench

In the past I have been advised not to spray Lime Sulfur on rose leaves and instead only use on stems after pruning in winter. I now see that your product can be used on rose leaves when mixed at the rate of 10mL/L. If it is mixed at 20mL/L of water (to control scale) can it still be sprayed on the rose leaves?
Also in the past I have been advised to use Lime Sulfur as a soil drench in the rose garden after pruning - I assume to control any fungi in the soil. Is this still appropriate with your product, and if yes, what is the mixing rate?

Submitted: 11:31AM, 19 Jul 2013
Answer: Hi Peter,

Lime Sulfur is still used on roses after they have been pruned to clean up any pests or diseases that tend to over-winter on the bush. The rate used in winter is 20mls per 1 litre of water. This dilution rate will control any scale that is on the plant. After you have sprayed the foliage, you can then use the same mix to spray the soil beneath the roses. Of course, you would pick up any dead, diseased leaves that may be on the ground before spraying the soil.

Lime Sulfur can be used to spray on roses and ornamentals during spring – autumn to control diseases such as rust and powdery mildew and also to control two spotted mites that may be present. You will use a lower rate of 10mls per litre at this time of year.

Answered: 02:19PM, 19 Jul 2013


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