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Some of the leaves on my rose bush are turning pale green and yellow and look very dry. What should I do?

There has been some new growth at the top of the bush but not many flowers.

Submitted: 05:33PM, 15 Jan 2013
Answer: Hi Margaret,

Over the past month, we have experienced some fairly harsh weather with high temperatures and lack of rain. It is not surprising our poor plants are not looking their best.

Ordinarily I would say to give your roses a light summer prune, but because of the harsh weather, I wouldn’t advise it just yet. You could remove any dieback from the bush and just give the plant a tidy up. It is too hot to fertilise at this stage but you could give your roses applications of either a seaweed solution or Uplift organic plant starter & root booster. This will help to lessen the stress on the plant. At the end of summer when the weather is cooler, it will be time to apply a rose fertiliser. Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Based Flower Food would be an appropriate one to select. Between now and the end of summer, and when the temperatures are below 30 degrees, you might like to give your roses a lift with a product called Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser. This product will help to green up those leaves as well as supplying the necessary nutrients to keep your rose bushes flowering.

Apply a mulch around the root system of your roses and water deeply to keep in that vital moisture. I am sure your roses will reward you with some beautiful blooms.

Answered: 04:23PM, 18 Jan 2013


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