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07:17AM, 16 Mar 2010
Answer: Hi Dallas, sounds like the bush may have only b...
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07:17AM, 16 Mar 2010
how long does it take for clonex rooting hormone gel (purple) to take effect on a rose cutting?

Submitted: 08:10PM, 09 Oct 2012
Answer: Hi Jenna,
Rose cuttings can be taken from early summer to winter. Choose a strong stem and remove the top section of the stem as it is too weak. After dipping into the Clonex place the cuttings into pots (mixture of coarse sand and potting mix. Make a hole first with a pencil or chopstick.

If you use clear pots such as takeaway containers, then you will be able to see the roots develop.

It may take 3 months to establish an extensive root system and once this happens then you can re pot into a larger pot.

Take more cuttings than you need as not all cuttings will strike. It may take up to 18 months before the cuttings are ready to be planted into the garden.

Category: Roses
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Answered: 01:09PM, 10 Oct 2012


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