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my rose bush is growing lop-sided & most branches are growing vertical,touching ground!. Is there anyway I can it to start growing vertical?.

Seems that the root system is unstable but not entirely sure?.Any help would be appriciated.It is too early to prune yet &as I`m not sure how(Novice)to do it properly anyway.The bush looks healthy enough butit`s shape looks sad!.

Submitted: 07:17AM, 16 Mar 2010
Answer: Hi Dallas, sounds like the bush may have only been planted last winter?? This problem can sometimes occur in the first year when lots of good fertilising promotes heaps of top growth which can become too top-heavy for the young root system in windy or wet conditions. Too much nitrogen and a shortage of phosphorus may be a factor. Add some superphosphate at half the recommended rate and also use a balanced rose food for the autumn feed. Stake the plant in the meantime to stop the wind breaking more roots. By the time you do a winter prune and new growth and flowers arrive in the spring, the roots should have stabilised, but leave the stakes in position til then. if plant is really lop-sided you might need to prune some of the roots on one side and straighten the bush and stake in position. Do this when you prune in late winter.
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Answered: 10:40AM, 16 Mar 2010


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