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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: Spray the foliage regularly with Triforine, Ros...
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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
Looking for a solution to die back on Roses

I've just planted 36 bare rooted roses in prepared beds, before planting they spent 12 hrs in seaweed solution, planted as per recomendations, most are showing sings of die back eventhough all are shooting at various stages, new groth is looking healthy.
I have purchased 'Triforine' would this be a recommendid treatment ?

Submitted: 05:10PM, 28 May 2012
Answer: Hi Bill,

It is a shame that your roses are showing signs of dieback at this stage, especially as you have planted 36 of them.

You will need to cut back those stems which have dieback on them with a clean pair of secateurs. Have some disinfectant handy so you can dip the secateurs in the solution in between cutting each stem so as not to spread infection. We would also suggested you use a product called Uplift Organic Plant Starter & Root Booster. This is an excellent product that will aid in boosting these new plants root system which will result in stronger, healthier plants.

Answered: 10:08AM, 29 May 2012


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