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My wife saw insects on our new climbing rose. Made up a white oil mix but now all leaves rapidly dropping off

We only bought the rose in past 3 months. Ben growing very well but wife noticed insects on it. She had seen a "do it yourself white oil mix" and decided to try it. [just vegetable oil and ordinary detergent].

After spraying, most leaves dropped off. Now nearly all gone.

Is this normal or as a result of the mixture [which does seem a tried and true mix].
Anything we can do to save the situation?

Submitted: 09:48AM, 24 Oct 2011
Answer: Hi Peter,
Unfortunately there are all sorts of additives in detergent and when mixed with oil can cause phytotoxicity to the leaves. Sometimes you will see a browning of the edges or at worst the leaves will yellow and drop off.

Most oils (Eg Pest Oil)recommended for spraying onto plants have been through rigorous trials to test for both efficacy against pests and also for any potential to cause damage. They are tested on a wide range of plants.

To help the rose bush recover apply some seaweed booster or Yates Uplift to ensure good root growth. All going well the rose bush should recover.

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Answered: 03:45PM, 25 Oct 2011


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