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08:28PM, 04 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Dorina, You have done the correct thing by r...
Category: Roses
08:28PM, 04 Nov 2009
I transplanted a bush rose last year into a big pot as we needed to use the spot i was in, I was told it should wait until winter this year to put back in the garden, but it is looking a bit sick. Is it too early to put back in the garden? Thank you.

Submitted: 04:18PM, 06 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Lesley,

Potted roses (unlike bare-rooted roses) can be planted in the garden throughout the year because they should already have a developed root system. If you have to plant out the rose in the garden in summer, care should be taken when removing the plant from the pot that the root ball remains in tact when placing the rose in its new location. It would be a good idea then to water in some seaweed solution after planting. You can continue to give the plant seaweed solution every 2-4 weeks until it has settled into its new spot.

You mentioned that the rose was looking a “bit sick”. I am not sure of what the problem is. Perhaps you may need to apply the seaweed at this stage to improve the overall health of the plant before transplanting. Seaweed is a tonic which will certainly strengthen and improve the growth of the rose. If there are black spot on the leaves you will need to remove those leaves and spray with a fungicide to prevent further spread of this fungus. Best to wait until autumn to apply any kind of fertiliser.

Hopefully the overall health of the rose will improve over the next few weeks which will enable you to find a new home for it in your garden.

Category: Roses
Answered: 04:02PM, 10 Feb 2010


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