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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: Spray the foliage regularly with Triforine, Ros...
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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
when to prune iceberg roses to have a good display 21 Novenber. I am living in a cool area in the Strzelecki h

This is for a wedding on the 21 November when the bride wishes to use iceberg roses from my garden.

Submitted: 08:41PM, 29 May 2015
Answer: Hi Lorraine,
Because you are in a cool area with the liklihood of a frost occurring, it would be best to wait until late July/early August before pruning your iceberg roses. That way you will avoid any possibility of damage to the new growth. Once your roses start to put on new growth in spring, fertilise them with a good quality fertiliser such as Dynmaic Lifter Plus for Flowering Plants. This is a great fertiliser that will give your roses the boost they need to produce lush new foliage and ensure that you will have lots of beautiful flowers for the wedding on 21 November. Have a wonderful day.
Answered: 12:24PM, 01 Jun 2015


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