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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Frances, The high worm population in your ga...
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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Can you give any idea of the shelf life of opened used garden sprays & powders when there's no BEST BY dates?

I heard a lecture on the shelf life of common & opened garden chemicals, & when they are "best by". I quoted 3 months to friends who reject the thought of disposing of Rose Sprays etc. I can't find it "in writing" to back my perceptions.

Submitted: 04:56PM, 26 Apr 2014
Answer: Hi Judy,
With our products if they are a liquid then it will be five years from the date of manufacture. For dusts then it is two years to eighteen months from the date of manufacture (DOM) thats if there is no expiry date that is shown on the packaging. I hope this helps
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Tags: chemicals
Answered: 09:23AM, 28 Apr 2014


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