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How do I kill the stump and roots of photinia robusta and pittosporum so I can replace the hedge?

I am replacing an old hedge with a new one using Murrayas. The tree cutter can't grind the stumps because its near the gas line. He said I can use zero concentrate but not sure which one that is.

Submitted: 11:19PM, 17 Mar 2014
Answer: Hi Liz,
Zero Glyphosate 490 can be applied to kill the roots of the photinia and pittosporum trees that you no longer want in your garden.

You will need to cut the tree close to the ground now, while it is still actively growing. Use the dilution rate of 103mls Zero 490 to 1 litre of water and soak the freshly cut surface with the product using a spray or paint brush.

Allow sufficient time to let the product get into the sap stream of the tree to allow it to travel down to the roots system where it will be effective.

Answered: 09:17AM, 18 Mar 2014


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