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Meaning of systemic

I am confused by the meaning of systemic insecticides. To me it means that the insecticide gets completely into the plant's system and stays there for some time.
I find on instructions for confidor which is a systemic insecticide "to spray on the bottom of leaves as well as the top". Granted this will mean that the insccts under the leaves will be killed immediatly but wouldn't the confidor eventually kill them when it invaded the whole plant - after all there can be no shorter distance in a plant than that from the top of a leaf to the bottom.
I was also told that triforine was a systemic. Is this correct

Submitted: 08:50PM, 15 Apr 2013
Answer: Hi Jerry,

You are quite right with the meaning of ‘systemic’. It does mean that the plant will take up the insecticide via the sap stream and distribute it throughout the plant’s vascular system. Confidor is a systemic as well as a contact spray. It will control a variety of sap sucking insects. We suggest that you spray on top as well as under the leaf because quite often the insect will be sucking on the leaf at that point.(e.g. lace bug). Insects such as aphids can be easily seen on the new growth of the plant and when contacted with Confidor it will kill them on contact. It will mean that the product gives good control both as a systemic and contact insecticide.

Answered: 02:24PM, 19 Apr 2013


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