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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Hardenbergia can develop leaf spots which can b...
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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
I have a frangapani that has black spots on leaves and looks like rust under the leaves. What do i do?

When I touch the back of the leaves this rust comes of the leaf

Submitted: 02:40PM, 16 Apr 2010
Answer: Dear Rosanna,

You can use a Yates product called Rose Shield or a ready to use product called Fungus Gun. Both these products contain a systemic fungicide that will control rust. You will need to spray thoroughly underneath the frangipani leaves to contact the rust spores. Repeat the spray in 2 weeks time. Also pick up any diseased leaves that have fallen on the ground. The tree will shortly be shedding its leaves for winter. Next summer check your tree on a regular basis for this problem and spray before the disease takes hold.

Answered: 03:26PM, 16 Apr 2010


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