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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Yates Tomato Dust contains 3 active ingredients...
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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
Hi. The Yates tomato dust instructions state: ‘DO NOT apply in windy conditions or when temperatures are above 30ºC'. Can you please clarify this statement? Does this mean the dust can reside on the plant on days that are 30ºC and above, as long as

Submitted: 10:50PM, 04 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Mario

This is a general statement that is put on most pestcides/fungicides/fertilisers as a precaution against damaging the foliage on the plant. When the temperatures are extremely high, we would advise not to apply any products at all. Water is the only thing you would need to apply. When applying pesticides look for a window of opportunity where the tempatures are going to be below 30 degrees for a number of days. If you did apply the tomato dust on a day when it was below 30 degrees and for some reason the temperatures reached over 30 degrees the following day, and the dust was still on the leaf, you would have to make sure the soil around the tomato bushes was thoroughly watered in the morning to prevent any moisture loss.

It can be difficult at times for the gardener to control pests in the garden. They are always most active in the warmer months which is when we need to apply these products.

As long as you make sure that the plants have adequate water to sustain them through the hot temperatures,there should be no detrimental effects to you tomato bushes from applying the tomato dust.

Enjoy growing your tomatoes.

Answered: 02:56PM, 13 Jan 2010


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