Ask a question now...A guest on Adelaide talkback radio suggested using Seasol to clear a fish pond. We have a large (ex spa pool) used as a fish pond which is difficult to keep clean.Would Seasol work or do you have any other suggestions

Submitted: 09:15AM, 06 Dec 2009
Answer: Hi John, I haven’t heard of this application for seaweed extract. There may be merit in the idea but I would be concerned about preservatives and stabilisers contained in these sort of products (Seasol isnt a Yates product – we have an equivalent under the Nature’s Way label). The best way to control algae in fish ponds is to reduce direct sunlight if possible and hardly ever use fishfood – this can cause big algae problems as it is almost always over-used. Too many fish can also contribute to the problem.
Category: Products
Tags: fish ponds
Answered: 07:31AM, 08 Dec 2009


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