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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
06:42PM, 28 Oct 2009
Answer: Dear Liz, Without a great deal more information...
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06:42PM, 28 Oct 2009
How do you cover the underside of tomato leaves using Yates Tomato Dust which is in a hard cardboard pack.

Am I being stupid or is the packaging of your dust an example of bad design? Surely a puffer type pack would be preferable. I await your reply with interest.

Submitted: 09:38AM, 18 Nov 2015
Answer: Hi David,

I assume it is in the chosen packaging for best storage conditions. The way to apply the powder to the underside of the leaf is to use a paintbrush and dab it on to the leaves. You might like to mist the plant to help the product stick a little better.

Hopefully, this will help you in using the tomato and vegetable dust.

Kind regards, Ben

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Answered: 06:26PM, 18 Nov 2015


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