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Medium_mancozeb_residue_jasmine How to remove Mancozeb beige coloured residue left on Star Jasmine leaves without having to wipe every leaf.

I have already tried hosing off with a forceful jet of water but does not want to budge...Is there something that you could spray on to dissolve the residue and hose off? Maybe a mild detergent? Thank you for your time...

Submitted: 12:01PM, 16 May 2015
Answer: Yates Mancozeb is a great product for when you are trying to control mites or fungi on your plants. This residue will eventually wear off as it is exposed to the elements. We do not advise you use another product to try and wash it off in case there are any unforseen reactions. In the meantime the residue will provide your plant with ongoing protection from new infection.
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Answered: 11:36AM, 18 May 2015


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