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12:05PM, 24 Feb 2010
Answer: Hi JM, ‘self-watering’ pots should ...
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12:05PM, 24 Feb 2010
stones in the bottom of the Tuscan self watering hanging pot?

Should I put stones in the bottom of the Tuscan self watering hanging pot, as I usually do with normal pots?

Submitted: 10:49PM, 07 Dec 2014
Answer: Hi Donna,

Whilst it was thought for many years that adding stones (or even gauze) to the bottom of a pot would help facilitate better drainage, studies have shown this not to be the case. The stones tend to trap smaller potting mix particles as they move down through the pot and as a result they can actually hinder drainage. Therefore I recommend you fill the Tuscan self-watering pot, and all your other new pots, entirely with a good quality potting mix. The stones would also work against the special ‘wick’ mechanism of the self-watering pot so it’s important you don’t add any. Best of luck…

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Answered: 01:51PM, 08 Dec 2014


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