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Does Dipel harm earthworms?

I would like to use dipel on my brassicas to control the grubs. What if the dipel went into the soil? I don't want to kill any earthworms.

Submitted: 11:36AM, 15 Jun 2010
Answer: Dear Andrea,

Dipel is a naturally occurring bacteria and is used to control leaf eating caterpillars of moths and butterflies. It is only harmful to caterpillars and does not harm other beneficial insects or other warm blooded animals. Once a caterpillar eats the foliage, it stops eating, but it may take 3-4 days to die and drop off the leaf.

Most of the Dipel product will be sprayed onto the leaf. The small amount of spray that may be present on the soil is not harmful and will not kill earthworms. Earthworms tunnel their way down in the soil creating spaces within the soil and a breading down organic matter.

Dipel is an excellent product to use to control caterpillars on your brassicas, particularly as there is no withholding period to observe.

Answered: 11:19AM, 18 Jun 2010


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