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11:00AM, 06 Jan 2010
Answer: Hi Monica, the trick is not to overwater and ju...
Category: Potting Plants
11:00AM, 06 Jan 2010
I have mite damage on my indoor palm. Is your Natrasoap Insect & Mite Killer safe to use on palms?

I know palms are very sensitive to white oil, and do not want to damage this one.

Submitted: 09:51AM, 19 Sep 2014
Answer: Hi Christine,

Natrasoap is suitable for controlling mites on palms. Use the rate of 15mls per litre and thoroughly spray all of the foliage. The Natrasoap will suffocate this pest. Re-spray the product every 7 days until the pest population is under control.

Answered: 01:00PM, 10 Oct 2014


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