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How come Lime Suplhur should not be applied to dormant trees If a frost is expected the following morning?

I live in an area of Tasmania where this time of year (July/August) a day without rain or frost is hard to come by. Thank you

Submitted: 04:48PM, 22 Jul 2014
Answer: Hi Fergus,
Is it possible to wait until the end of August before applying the Lime Sulfur to your plants? Hopefully by that time the temperatures will be on the rise and there will be less liklihood of freezing weather. If you apply the Lime Sulfur and the temperatures drop to freezing point, there is every possibility that the plant will be damaged.

Depending upon what type of plant you are spraying, fungicides such as Liquid Copper or Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide can be applied to deciduous fruit trees at bud swell or green tip stage to protect them against fungal problems.

Answered: 02:51PM, 23 Jul 2014


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