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How long do I leave a propagated plant or one that has taken root & i have potted, in pot before planting out?

I have been propagating some cuttings (a few Viburnum's) but others also. And I have also pulled up some plants that have re-rooted next to the original and potted them.
Just as a general rule - how long should I leave them in the pots before I plant them out in my garden? does this vary for different plants?
I plan to give them some Seasol food for root growth, is this the right thing to do?
And would a green house type effect help them?
thanks, Karen

Submitted: 11:32AM, 14 May 2014
Answer: Hi Karen,
yes it does vary for different plants because some plants take a long time to set root and others may take a short time. When the roots have a good structure then they will be less likely suffer root stress when disturbed, make sure you planting in a well drained soil. Seaweed concentrate is the best thing because it help form strong roots. When the weather gets cooler a green house does help get them stated quicker.
Category: Potting Plants
Tags: propagation
Answered: 03:54PM, 22 May 2014


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