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how to care for potted lisianthus, poinsettia and bromeliads

Submitted: 04:39PM, 24 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Carol,
They are plants that like to be growing in a well drained soil,they don’t like wet feet at all. Lisianthus are a perennial and like to be pruned after flowering and they like the full sun and a liquid feed with something called Thrive flower and fruit every fortnight. Bromeliads will grow in shady spot, like to be watered from the top and like to grow in a mix like orchid potting mix that is light and airy and poinsettias are quite hardy. Grow them in a rich but well drained soil and give them a hard prune after flowering.
Category: Potting Plants
Tags: general
Answered: 03:20PM, 07 Feb 2014


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