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10:17PM, 27 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Patrick, Growing from cuttings is very satis...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
10:17PM, 27 Dec 2011
Can you take cuttings from Begonia Tuberous, if so what is the best way of doing this

Submitted: 05:19PM, 14 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Norelle,
You can take cuttings of tuberous begonias and its best to do when the weather is warm. the easiest way to take cuttings is from the stem, make sure you take the cutting from below a node and take any flowers off. Grow them in a good propagation mixture and keep moist but not too wet.I have attached a link for you to look at. : )
Category: Potting Plants
Tags: general
Answered: 03:53PM, 24 Jan 2014


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