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Medium_dsc02278 Mandavillia loosing leaves

my two Mandavillias are on a sheltered porch and every summer they seem to loose nearly all of their leaves. The leaves seem to have like a rust on them. I have tried watering them every second day by filling the large pot they are in to the top with water. I am scared to give them more because of their tuberous roots.Please help Yvonne

Submitted: 02:45PM, 11 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Yvonne,
What a shame your Mandavillias are not happy and are dropping their leaves. The leaves could well have rust on them. This fungus is prevelent during the humid months of the year. It can be kept under control by spraying with Rose Shield or Fungus Gun. You will need to spray every two weeks until you have the fungus under control.

As far as watering goes, every 2 days may be a little excessive. If the soil in the pot becomes too wet, the roots become saturated, are deprived of oxygen and will result in leaf fall.

Keep an eye out for pests such as scale and mealybug. They are sap sucking insects which need to be controlled. Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray will control such pests.

Nurse your Mandavilleas along with a little TLC and I am sure they will recover.

Answered: 04:00PM, 23 Jan 2014


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