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Wish to re-pot a standard Azalea. How do i do it successfully and when is the best time In Melbourne?

Hi there,
I have a beautiful standard azalea Magnifica and was wishing to repot it.
How do i successfully do this and when is the best time to do it?
I live In Sunbury Melbourne.
Thanking you
Regards Vanessa

Submitted: 11:23AM, 27 Oct 2013
Answer: Hi Vanessa,
I would wait until autumn now to re-pot your standard azalea. Azalea Magnifica tend to flower through spring/summer and then spot flower again in autumn. After it has finished flowering in autumn, you can then re-pot your plant.

When re-potting select a good quality potting mix in which to plant your azalea. Before taking the azalea out of the pot spray the foliage of the plant with a Yates product called Droughtshield. This product will put a protective film over the leaf to prevent moisture loss from the leaf and lessen the stress of transplanting. After re-potting, water in well with either Uplift Organic Root Booster or Seaweed Booster. Continue to use these products until the roots of the plant have settled in and when you can see new growth appearing. At this point you can fertilise with a slow release fertiliser called Acticote Instant Booster for Pots, Planter & Garden Beds.

Azaleas are hardy plants and transplant very readily. I am sure it will continue to thrive and reward you with lots of beautiful blooms.

Answered: 11:46AM, 30 Oct 2013


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