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Medium_moonflower_trelis What type of vine I could grow instead of the American moonflower in my (North-facing) balcony potts…

I am imagining a bamboo stake & string teepee trelis like the attached photo. I like the idea of the moonflower for the leafyness/lush look that would screen the road which is visible at one corner of the balcony, but also provide some attractive, scented flowers (don't have to be scented) at certain times of the year. My 2x terracotta potts are reasonably large - very much like the pricture. I live in Eastern Sydney and the balcony faces north-east with plenty of light, gets a little wind from the harbour, but is reasonably protected. Thank you for your suggestions.

Submitted: 11:34AM, 28 Jun 2013
Answer: Hi Amber,

What a pretty house and garden you have. I am sure you would receive many compliments.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the plant Dipladenia or Mandevilla. These plants adapt particularly well to pots and they would certainly give you the colour you are wanting for most months of the year. A north-east aspect would be perfect for this plant. They do not have a perfume but they do have a long flowering period and are very showy. There are several cultivars under the names of My Fair Lady, Red Riding Hood and Scarlet Pimpernel. Perhaps you could pop down to your local nursery who I am sure would have them in stock. Enjoy.

Answered: 08:52AM, 01 Jul 2013


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