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The leaves on my Japanese acer have started to wilt and look lifeless over the past couple of days.

the above is in a larage pot and has always been in great shape / could it be pot bound, hope you can help me.

Submitted: 07:30AM, 16 May 2013
Answer: Hi Samuel,

You are emailing us in Australia. When I first read your email, without looking where it was from, I thought this is normal, the acer will be starting to shed their leaves shortly as we go into winter. Then I looked at where you were from and I realised that in your part of the world you will be shortly going into summer and your acer should be looking at its best. It might be best if you contact a local gardening company and ask for advice. Perhaps you could attack and photo and that will give them a better idea of what is troubling your acer. Good luck.

Answered: 12:43PM, 17 May 2013


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