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What type of medium is best for orchid, beside Chip bark

i have used a very fine shredded bark for my orchid, and i am not happy with, it seem to me like the ruths are suffocating.

Submitted: 11:32AM, 30 Apr 2013
Answer: Although the composition is similar ie. bark, the grade will vary according to the orchid.

Fine gradea are used for smaller plants while coarser grades are used for larger plants. Cymbidiums are generally potted into a bark compost.

If your plant isn’t happy perhaps the bark you have potted your plant into is too fine and retaining moisture around the root zone. Use a slightly coarser mix (medium grade)which will allow more air to circulate around the roots.

Category: Potting Plants
Tags: orchid media
Answered: 02:37PM, 30 Apr 2013


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